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N95 mask for coronavirus,Initial title: Russia provides produced the self-propelled anti-satellite system is being tested coronavirus masks

[World Wide Web] Russian military satellite news agency reported on March 26 reported that the president of the Russian special machine-building design bureau Vladimir Dole side Primakov said that Russia has developed a “slave Dolly River” against self-propelled anti-satellite system, is testing launcher.

coronavirus masks,Dole side Cove in an interview, “Slave River Dolly” anti-satellite system dedicated 14P222-type self-emitting device has been developed is completed, is being tested. best mask for coronavirus.

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Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov summer of 2018 has revealed that there are six kinds of the latest Russian weapons and the West can not fight back, which it referred to the “slave Dolly River” to combat anti-satellite systems. Other weapons include “Sarmat” system, Su -57 fifth generation fighter, T-14 “Al Marta” tank, S-500 air defense missile system, and “Ti Lade -2S” electronic press communication radio systems.

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“motherland arsenal” intelligence analysis magazine military expert Alexei Leonid Primakov 2018 Review “slave Victoria River” System situation when he said, flexibility is the main feature of the new Russian anti-missile missile , not only to perform in Moscow missile defense mission and the central industrial area, it can also cover Russia any one point.

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